We are among the 10 Best European Employers!

We are really proud to communicate that we are among the 10 finalists in the Employer category within the European Business Awards (EBA). This recognition positions our firm within the 110 companies, out of the 33.000 which have taken part in the latest edition of this contest.

We are also extremely happy for our Spanish pals who have also managed to reach the final stage of this Award. As well as for the rest of the international companies, all of which have made an extraordinary effort to set leading examples in the various categories. We are really thrilled to be nominated alongside other top international players.


ruban d'honneur


We are looking forward to defending our nomination  in Amsterdam on March 31st. We are the only Spanish company within the Best Employer Category and we are determined to be a reference in this specific area. Given Spain´s labour market context, we have a genuine will to contribute towards a more sustainable employment system.

Above all, this entails acknowledging our sustained efforts aimed at the promotion of quality employment and at the encouragement of our employees´ talent loyalty. In this sense, we are confident that our employee philosophy based on commitment policies is a desirable business approach.

We will keep you updated with the final contest outcome, which will be made public on May 4th, during a final Gala in Dubrovnik.

Wish us luck!

Telecoming: committed with WASPA´s Good Practices Assurance in South Africa


When we started our activity in South Africa we joined WASPA (Wireless Application Service Providers´Association) as an active member of the community because we support its contribution towards good practices and mobile market sustainability.

Last week our Operations Team attended WASPA´s General Meeting in Johannesbourg, as part of the Association´s Affiliate Members.
One of the central issues of the General Meeting was the election of the new Management Committee´s members. They will eventually lead the association´s activity in order to promote the best practices in the coming months.

WASPA entails an industry body with a recognized Code of Conduct which has been made compulsory for all Wireless Application Services in South Africa. We strongly support market actors providing mechanisms aimed to ensure transparent market operations. In this sense, we have an active involvement with WASPA and we believe that it´s key to guarantee the best practices.

Ángela Rodríguez, our Operations Manager for South Africa explained: “WASPA plays a vital role within the South African market, which has experienced a remarkable growth over the past years. We need to lay the best foundations in order to promote a sustainable growth in the future and to take advantage of the country´s potential”.

WASPA was born in 2004 in Sandown, Gauteng with the support of the main South African Market Operators, including: Cell C, MTN and Vodacom. The Association plays an essential role in the regulatory framework concerning applications´ sourcing and mobile services in the Country.

We are fully committed with WASPA´s role in South Africa and we truly believe that these associations are vital for the market!

Many Thanks for Visiting Us at #MWC17



It has been a nonstop experience. The past four days in our stand have been exciting, insightful and above all fruitful, thanks to your active involvement. We are extremely grateful!

Our stand in the 8.1 Pavilion has gathered sector specialists, CEO´s, students, operators, Tier 1 journalists, mobile ecosystem associations and many other relevant actors who have portrayed a remarkable interest in our activity.

Above all, we want to thank all of you, who have shared with us your great ideas and your passion for this compelling industry, over the last days.

It has been an extremely enriching experience where our growing market visibility, our business achievements and our potential performance were represented. In last year´s edition, we were invited by the Spanish Authorities to the Spanish Pavilion and it was our first onsite engagement with the MWC. It´s clear that our presence in the World´s biggest mobile gathering is already going through a consolidation phase.

Our presence has also provided us essential tips on the sector’s transformation that will come ahead. These will undoubtedly frame our ongoing activity improvements.

There is no doubt in our mind that the Mobile World Congress is The Place to Be and we are already looking forward to taking part in 2018.

Many thanks and let´s keep in touch!

UX, The Mobile Industry’s Next Challenge



User Experience improvement is a central issue within the mobile industry. As users determine which formats and devices suit them best, publishers must adapt to these new demands. So how shall we guarantee the best user experience?

Our Head of UX, David Murillo outlines the key elements for ensuring the best Mobile User Experience:

Take Mobile First – User Experience is born mobile. Market consensus points out that the future is mobile and we therefore must take this essential premise when designing the User Experience. Maybe in a couple of years this promising device joins the obsolescence club. Who knows? But for the meantime, let´s do Mobile First.

Not Mobile Only – Even if mobile must be the first device to consider, other potential platforms should also be evaluated in order to promote an integral approach. Notice that the same user may access the same content through a variety of devices.

User Habits are a Top Priority – Knowing the user´s content consumption habits is essential in order to prioritize his needs. The User Experience journey starts with the user detection, followed by its behavioral analysis. The process reaches an endpoint with the service delivery to the customer and sometimes, with a final user feedback phase.

UX is not Usability – Usability is one of the key principles of UX. However, UX should be understood as a global process, which compromises the entire experience. This includes every interaction opportunity with a particular element within the service.

UX Improvement is an Ongoing Process – We develop user centric experiences. In order to provide useful improvements, an ongoing testing process must be implemented to guarantee that the service update is aligned with the new user´s demands.

Information Architecture is a key element in UX. The way in which information is framed and structured is decisive. Information architecture is aimed at guaranteeing a successful user experience.

The merger between Product and User Experience teams enables to achieve the best user experience. In order to monitor the experience, this union is necessary and requires product design profiles with user experience knowledge and vice versa.

At Telecoming we are essentially user centric and our mission consists in both fulfilling and exceeding user expectations. In order to do so, we must understand their perceptions and conceptual structures.

We can state to be aligned with our user´s minds.

What about you?


Our service Infoempresa.com, an example of Professional Excellence


aleks estrella ok

Last Friday, Infoempresa.com, our financial information web service, received the Golden Star for its Professional Excellence! Our Head of Open Data Intelligence, Aleksandra Rutyna accepted the award on behalf of the whole team.

The Spanish Professional Excellence Institute granted the award. It acknowledges Spanish companies contribution towards innovation and their commitment to social and economic development.

Infoempresa.com, a great web service of economic and ­financial information on European private companies and executives was created in 2014. It is directly connected to official sources and updates 20.000 data points every day. It’s a popular, reliable and efficient web service for businessmen in Europe.

The event gathered a number of remarkable Spanish entrepreneurial, social and political personalities attracted by the business excellence. Aleksandra Rutyna pointed out that “the award not only entails a recognition of Infoempresa team´s every day work, but also highlights Telecoming’s strong commitment to quality”.

We are really proud of Infoempresa.com and the whole team! #Congrats

Mobile Billing Trends in Southern Europe


Captura de pantalla 2017-02-15 a las 9.31.21Mobile billing in Europe will keep up with its growth trend in the next years. The global carrier billing market reached $16.600M in 2015 and it´s estimated to reach $25.300M in 2020.

In order to share our team´s forecasts and market perspectives regarding carrier billing, we have carried out a brief white paper on Southern Europe´s Mobile Billing market. We have gathered data from several acknowledged market sources and internal specialists in order to build an accurate market review. We are happy to be part of this cutting- edge market and to provide added-value information to the business ecosystem.

At Telecoming we are committed with the importance of contributing to the mobile industry´s data analysis and research activity. We believe that collective knowledge is enriching for market players, regulators, decision makers and all other agents involved in the industry.

We hope you find it useful and insightful.

Click here to download

Telecoming: Google’s New Success Story


Google has included Telecoming within its official publication “Think with Google” as a Success Story due to our excellent advertising performance.

The leading technology firm has acknowledged our strategy and effectiveness in Display, placing us as a reference among other market players. Because of this, Google has published an article focused on our company.

For Telecoming, this recognition is the result of our Advertising team´s effort, know-how and enthusiasm. It´s an acknowledgement to their daily work aimed to become a reference within the digital advertising industry.

We are really happy to share our Case Study with you.

You may access the whole story in Google´s Blog



2016 Financial Results

Today we have shared with the Spanish media our financial results for 2016 and we are proud to state our solid performance. We have registered a 51M€ turnover and we are delighted to announce that we have doubled our Net Profit, reaching 8.2M€ in 2016.

Additionally, we improved our profitability and our company achieved a 63% increase in its Gross Operating Profit (GOP), which surpassed 11M€.

According to our CEO, Christophe Cassand “2016 has been a significant year for the company, since we have surpassed the 50M€ threshold and we have received two relevant international acknowledgements. These milestones encourage us to look ahead with optimism. On 2017, we will keep our international expansion plans, as well as our commitment with programmatic advertising. Moreover, we will concentrate on new cutting-edge blockchain projects”.

In line with our CEO´s words, in 2017, we will carry on promoting our mobile advertising business, specially our programmatic activity and the development of our DSP, the first exclusively focused on performance mobile campaigns. We’ll also keep our commitment to innovation with the creation of a fund aimed to blockchain projects investments.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Communication Team: comunicacion@telecoming.com

We celebrated our National Champion status at the British Ambassador´s Residence


Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, our Head of Corporate Communication, Patricia Peiró and José Mª Gassó, Managing Partner at RSM Spain

Yesterday we were invited to the British Ambassador’s Residence in Madrid. We celebrated our acknowledgement as a National Champion within the Employer of the Year category in the European Business Awards (EBA), 2017 Edition.

Our Head of Corporate Communication, Patricia Peiró received the EBA recognition, on behalf of the company. We participated in this amazing celebration, alongside 22 other Spanish companies, which are also actively competing in different categories.

Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain stated the importance of the Spanish business network growth. He also recognized the Spanish National Champion´s commitment to excellence, innovation, ethics and effort.

We are thrilled for this really meaningful recognition to our business and employment philosophy. For us, being a National Champion means that we are setting an example in terms of employment promotion within the Spanish market.

We are really proud and thankful for this acknowledgement!

If you share our values and are aligned with our philosophy, vote for us.

Who We Are

We strongly believe that our team is our most valuable asset.

The variety of backgrounds, levels of expertise and educational paths of our employees make our company strong, vibrant and profitable. This simple (but really nice) infography best explains the key to our success.

Enjoy! 😉



Vote for Telecoming as the Best European Employer


We are the Spanish National Champion within The Employer of the Year Award category in the European Business Awards (EBA) 2017 edition! The EBA acknowledges the most innovative, ethical and successful business practices within the European Business Community since 2007.

The European Business Awards are widely known as the showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies and we are proud to be recognized at this level. From 9th January to 1st March, you can help us go through to the second stage of the competition with your vote. You may watch our corporate video and vote through this link.

On the coming weeks, the EBA´s judges will analyze the videos and entry forms, including ours, in order to deliberate on the 110 Ruban d´Honneur recipients. We would be thrilled to achieve this recognition.

Therefore, if you share our values and are aligned with our philosophy, vote for us. We are excited and proud for this new acknowledgement and we are looking forward for your support!

Meet us at the Mobile World Congress 2017



We will take part in the upcoming MWC with a (super) stand in the 8.1 pavilion! (Last year we were invited by the Spanish authorities to participate in the Official Spanish Pavilion). Located on hall 8.1 – the App Planet, it will consist on a 54 square meters surface, where we will waiting for your visit. On this decisive industry meeting point and in line with our global expansion program, our team will attend the MWC´s 11th edition, from February 27th to March 2nd.

We are thrilled to present and share our latest mobile billing, entertainment contents and advertising solutions with the MWC community. Through this initiative, we further consolidate both our involvement with the rest of the mobile community and our profile as an acknowledged sector player.

Our participation at the MWC is a great opportunity to understand and embrace the mobile industry path. This is essential, in order to be on track with consumption changes and be able to respond to all these transformations.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there 😉

You are Welcome



We are delighted to introduce you to our corporate blog.

This space is 100% information based and contains all our business, products and service´s latest developments. You’ll find relevant corporate highlights about our team and our business.

We look forward to keeping you updated on those contents which will potentially awake your interest!