Honoured to be shortlisted in AfricaCom Awards 2018!

AfricaCom has become one of the key gatherings of the mobile industry and this year we could not miss out on the opportunity of attending, especially since we have been shortlisted in its annual awards. We are excited to attend for the first time and also to announce that we have been shortlisted...

International profiles as a source of Wealth and Innovation

One of our most differential characteristics is our international profile: 17 nationalities and 15 spoken languages.

Our Team is our Best Asset

It’s been 10 years since our company’s birth and lots of things have changed ever since. However, one thing remains: our commitment with our employees. In a decade the business model has transformed and diversified forecasting new potential requests and users´needs and this has...

5 Useful Travel Apps for the Holidays

It´s vacation time and the most organized people already have their magic mobile carpet ready with plenty of booking and travel information apps in their smartphones. Despite the fact that we are never really ready for eventualities and that time may not be by our side, there is no need to worry at...

3 Tips to adapt your Company to a New Employee

The human resources department handles diverse and necessary business areas : law compliance, hiring processes, training, compensation, relational assistance and help with management performance-related issues. These are some of their duties within a corporation. Nonetheless, in the new era that we...

Telecoming Design team

Design: powered by people

There is no better way to portray how the role of design has evolved over the past years than through the words of two young designers who are a representative illustration of a new and highly demanded professional profile. Valeria Aparisi and Lorena Torres discuss design, trends, challenges and...

Instagram Mobile Advertising Investments

Instagram hosts Mobile Advertising Investments

Instagram offers different advertising placements (formats) both in the timeline and in the stories. It enables brands the opportunity to connect with the public in different ways, adapting messages to each audience.

Invention vs Innovation

Invention vs Innovation

The Head of Telecoming’s I&D department, David Murillo, recently attended San Pablo CEU University to give a lecture on his area of expertise. It was an excellent occasion to address a popular debate within the sector: Are invention and innovation different words for the same reality?

Data for everyone

In business world, the concept of data refers to the information collected, produced or paid by companies to impact their results. Relevant authors confirm that “data is the new oil” of the 21st century. It is true that both – oil and data – generate wealth, but the similarities stop...

Telecoming- San Pablo CEU University

Our Director of Innovation & Design, a Guest of Honor at USP CEU Madrid

David Murillo, Telecoming’s Director of I&D was invited to San Pablo CEU University in Madrid to teach a Masterclass to the final year students on the business value of innovation. We are really grateful for this opportunity to transfer valuable business know-how to students who are at the...