The mobile purchase process is increasingly complex and the number of touchpoints between users and brands have multiplied.

Telecoming develops technology to impact the main touchpoints.

 technology for a NEW MOBILE journey



The first contact between users and brands is usually an ad. Telecoming develops innovative solutions for effective digital advertising.

Discover new digital advertising opportunities driven by technology.

Technology for mobile payments

Payment is one of the most critical points: it’s the moment of commitment. Telecoming develops billing technology that simplifies the payment process and increases conversions. 

Direct Carrier Billing is a safe, fast and convenient solution.


In the digital environment, UX has changed industries such as music, video or press. Telecoming develops component-based technology to produce scalable and excellent UX sites through a design system.

Deliver outstanding mobile experiences through UX innovation.

 10 years of expertise

Specialized in mobile payments since 2008, Telecoming works hand in hand with the main mobile operators to create solutions focused on improving the complete mobile customer journey: from the advertising to the payment.

Telecoming promotes innovation in the mobile industry through  its business units. Its AdTech performance agency, Rouge, comes from the fusion of technical innovation and talent to shake up the digital advertising landscape. Telecoming also develops component-based technology to offer unique mobile experiences with a team specialized in UX and UI. Finally, the company will continue leading the direct carrier billing market through innovation in new digital payment alternatives across the world.


Our company is ranked among the best Spanish workplaces since 2017 and has been acknowledged by different organizations for our commitment with innovation, employment and growth.


The Social Media User

Trends of social networks for this year will help us with the design of the right strategy for brands.

Focusing on People First

Our people are our greatest asset and we are proud to count with a diverse, multicultural and dynamic team.

Discover different ways to pay with your mobile phone

Due to the considerable increase in mobile usage, payment through this device has soared in recent years. Experts predict that by 2019 more than 900M people around the world will use their mobile devices for shopping, and this number is expected to exceed 1 billion by...

Proud to be Amazon’s guest at its biggest tech summit

We were excited to be invited to act as ambassadors and share Telecoming’s story at Amazon Webs Services (AWS) Summit in Madrid. A renowned global event that brought over 6,000 tech experts, clients and partners, together to connect, collaborate and learn.