Let’s go with a challenging premise: the speed of the Internet sets the speed of digital business. This statement is more disturbing than it seems because the speed of the Internet today is dizzying. To illustrate in some figures, the minute in the digital world means 41 million messages processed on WhatsApp, 3.8M of requests for searches on Google, 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube and 481,000 tweets sent. No human being, however exceptional he may be, can follow this rhythm. However, it is necessary to follow it to be able to do business in the digital world. The key relies on technology, that helps us monitoring these obscene volumes of information and interaction. The risk of not keeping up, of not controlling, is fraud, failed investment, loss of customers and brand damage.

However, the technology itself, as the tires’ ad said, is nothing without someone managing it. Talent is still indispensable (we already talked about the required skills for 2020 in another post). Today, teams dedicated to digital advertising are made up of creatives coexisting with mathematicians, writers with analysts, engineers with artists. Never before have we had such multidisciplinary and integrated teams. It is wonderful to see how so different minds, with, inevitably, different interests, work together in an industry able to bring them together for a common goal: good advertising.

Perhaps that is why we see the best advertising in history. And it’s not just about creatives; it’s about effectiveness. It’s about efficiency in channels, formats, messages and of course, designs. Today, brands chat with users on new channels; advertisers communicate with their competitors in mind-blowing campaigns and ads are combined with content in news sections.

A priori this movement is not going to change, nor is it going to stop. That makes us look with optimism to the future.

The advertising industry grows because advertisers’ investment grows; because employment grows; because technological developments grow. The maturity of this market only responds to one reason: good advertising works. Good advertising is profitable for brands and useful for users. We won’t stop saying it, to whoever wants to listen to us. We have the technology, the rhythm and the talent to make an advertisement that interests the user and becomes in sales for the brands. It is the golden age of good ads.