Subscription models and digital media: a WIN-WIN strategy

Mar 31, 2022

Yesterday we attended the II EVOCA Forum, where the subscription models consolidation was the main point of discussion. It was an exclusive meeting where the prominent digital media, OTT platforms, television networks, and telcos analyzed the future of digital content monetization.

Spain has more than half a million subscribers in the digital press who pay to access quality content. Subscription is a growing trend and will continue growing in the coming years.

More than changing the way of buying, it is a phenomenon that transforms the perception between possession, use and enjoyment. We have named this momentum Subscronomics. The recurring payments allow users to enjoy a service until they decide to cancel and subscribe to something else.

The II Evoca Forum analyzed the expansion of payment models in the media industry. Representatives of groups and media such as Prisa, Vocento, Unidad Editorial, Grupo Godó, El Español, El Confidencial, La Vanguardia,, among others, met there. The current situation of the subscription market and its expectations are based on four primary keys:

Propensity models to analyze the lifetime value of any user.

Relationships between advertising and subscriptions.

– Innovation in the market.

– New formats for the success of a digital business model based on direct incomes from users.

Mobile devices were the main protagonists because the starting point was the increased content consumption through mobile phones, which surpassed television for the first time during the pandemic.

In this sense, all the market stakeholders gathered there reaffirmed their position regarding the need to understand how to adapt formats to meet this ever-increasing consumer demand.

Mobile payment models are the alternative to monetize entire sectors such as the press, which requires fast, secure and straightforward solutions. At Telecoming, we present Dpay, a solution for digital media that allows the user one-click payments.

This payment technology is Carrier Billing, a secure and efficient payment model that does not require bank details on the user’s part. 

From Telecoming, we want to thank the organizers of the II Evoca Forum for their ability to bring together such a select audience from the content industry and the digital press sector.


Roberto Monge, Chief Operations Officer at Telecoming

“The Spanish press is laying the bases for a good monetization strategy. The media will live sweeter times if they combine technology with consumer trends that are already favouring them. Users are beginning to get used to paying for quality information, a path that streaming video and music platforms have opened and are no longer as foreign as a few years ago. Large groups realize the digital opportunity subscription represents to become independent of advertising financing exclusively.”

Pepe Cerezo, Managing Director Evoca Media

“Conferences such as the II Evoca Forum allow us to bring together all professionals, both from the world of the digital press and experts in technology development and innovation, which improve the user experience and offer new ways of making digital media profitable in our country. The sponsorship of brands such as Telecoming, among others, help to promote the transformation of the Spanish digital press they are carrying out”.

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