We are happy to present our mobile payment solution for the digital press, the next big industry entering the amazing content monetization trend. The subscription model and the payment for worthwhile content is a consolidated reality in large industries such as music, movies and games, and offer a new opportunity for media.

To go along with the press in this exciting adventure, we have launched Dpay. It is a Direct Carrier Billing solution that offers the possibility of paying for content (either articles or subscription) in a safe, simple and fast way.

Compared to other less adapted payment models, Dpay fits perfectly with the digital media consumption process which is impulsive and more and more mobile. According to Roberto Monge, our Chief Operations Officer “the consumption of digital press is changing. The reader chooses different information within the wide online media offer. There is a growing trend of reading articles in different newspapers, boosting a more punctual and impulsive purchase “.

Newspapers are read on mobile


21% of Spaniards already read the newspaper on their mobile device, compared to 19% of the European average (according to Eurostat). In addition, by 2020 28% of media consumption will be mobile. It is expected that the e-Publishing market (books, newspapers and digital magazines) in Spain will grow from almost € 514M this year to € 742M in 2023.

The main international outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Les Echos and The New York Times, among others, already monetize their contents with paywalls and freemium models. The simplicity of the process offered by Dpay both for subscriptions and for the purchase of newspaper articles through one-shot payment multiplies the conversion rates for the digital press.

Welcome Dpay!