We are a sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports fans.

We leverage fans’ emotional connection with their passion because we understand the potential of these communities. Mobile sports fans are more than just spectators: they are loyal, emotional and highly interactive.

Our entertainment services built around the sports experience are an excellent opportunity for clubs, leagues and organizations to create new connections, increase fan communities and monetize this fantastic audience through mobile billing.


We believe fandom owns the power in the sports industry.


We imagine and develop memorable digital experiences for those sports fans.


We create and distribute the best sports entertainment and information services for mobile consumption.

We are experts in creating communities of subscribers who pay each month to enjoy mobile experiences related to sports.

Subscription-based businesses allow organizations to maintain a regular revenue stream. This model is perfect for the sports industry because the connection with the brand (club, athlete, competition) exists before accepting any paying subscription. Payment is a natural evolution of that user-business connection that generates deeper relationships with the fan community.

We have successfully developed services for different sports brands interested in monetizing their communities by turning them into profitable sources of recurring income.

Stay tuned!

The good partnership

The good partnership

New technologies are running so fast that they jump up the law rules at some point. The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation, and companies that never thought about their brands and services digitalization are now looking for this opportunity. "67% of...

The most beautiful offices in the world

The most beautiful offices in the world

Life in Telecoming is quite authentic. We like to meet goals and enjoy the trip. The office reflects part of how we understand work and human relationships. And that’s why we have written this post. In 2022 we want to show the world our company’s lifestyle. #TelecomingLifestyle

Digital marketing & smartphones: New behaviours, new strategies

Digital marketing & smartphones: New behaviours, new strategies

It seems that everywhere you look these days, you’ll see people bent over their smartphones, engrossed in the world behind the digital screen, and paying very little attention to the physical world around them. So, what, exactly, are the impacts of these irresistible devices on marketing today?

Edutainment: The new learning model

Edutainment: The new learning model

Edutainment makes learning more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. It moves away from traditional lecture settings and offers ways to keep students focused and committed to the course. It is a successful method born through digitization. Learn more here!

Media enter the mobile economy with Direct Carrier Billing

Media enter the mobile economy with Direct Carrier Billing

On 8-9 March 2022, media and tech developers collaborated and innovated at the Publishing Show, the UK premier event for publishers, newspapers, content providers and tech. Telecoming participated as an expert developer of monetization technologies. We explained the power of Direct Carrier Billing for the media industry: a powerful driver for sales based on a subscription model.


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