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We offer billing solutions for a great mobile experience.

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We have the most outstanding content partners.


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We carry out the most effective digital campaigns adapted to all sorts of devices!



Machine Learning’s contribution towards Advertising

Machine Learning entails the data identification and treatment that enables machines to forecast and distinguish repetitive behaviors. This methodology is based on the understanding that learning is exclusively based on information and that it develops based on resemblance, probability and error. Advertising has also given into machine learning processes. Data derived from past advertising actions and patterns of behavior may be identified, which may serve to improve the accuracy in future campaigns.

Telecoming: Real Madrid’s Exclusive Digital Content’s Distributor via Carriers

We are happy to announce that we have reached and agreement with Real Madrid to become the Football Club’s exclusive digital content’s distributor through carriers in Spain. Real Madrid, with a $3.114M market value according to KPMG, has chosen us due to our digital content’s distribution and monetisation experience and our connections with carriers. In addition, these contents will be promoted through our in-house advertising agency, encouraged by our specialist team’s know-how on performance models.

Edutainment’s Growth is Boosted by Digital Contents

Edutainment is not a new learning approach. What is new about this methodology is precisely how technology has taken it to a new level. As a matter of fact, both children and adults are more and more exposed to educational and entertainment-based digital contents. These are essentially formed by games and videos, since they are the most suitable channels with which to foster skill’s development, vocabulary, languages and all sorts abilities.


SEPTEMBER, 17th, 2018 El País Retina Telecoming's Chief Marketing Officer: Ads Improve as Machines Learn
SEPTEMBER, 10th, 2018 EFE Empresas Telecoming: Real Madrid's Exclusive Digital Content Distributor for the next 3 years
August 2nd, 2018 ABC Telecoming: Spanish mums between 35-45 are the Spanish Mobile Gaming Prototype
July 11th, 2018 Business Insider Telecoming Revenue Growth in Excess of 27% in H1


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