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nature power
surpasses fiction.

The challenge

Wild Immersion has created the world's first digital reserve, created in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Foundation. To increase its reach, income, and distribution in new territories, it trusted Telecoming to develop an immersive experience accessible from any smartphone. The challenge was the development of a wildlife platform that gives users the most exciting and immersive experiences about animals in their wild environment.

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The service

We have developed an outstanding wildlife service for animals lovers. It's an all in one video space, ads-free and focused on wildlife videos laying secret stories of incredible animals in some of the most extraordinary places worldwide. Users can find both the beauty and brutality of animal nature, enjoying awesome quality videos. We wanted to bring users closer to nature through immersive experiences in the most unknowing nature. The service lets the user become the main character of his own experience with 360º and VR videos and learn more about animal life by watching documentaries. Accessible. Innovative. Profitable.


The results

More than 700
animal contents

40 inmmersive experiences
in different places of the planet

In partnership with
Jane Goodall Foundation