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Genuine mobile site
for passionate PSG fans.

The challenge

PSG is the most famous French soccer club. In 2020, Telecoming became its technological provider for the development and monetization of its mobile entertainment service. The club was aware of the endless economic and social opportunities technology can bring to the sports industry. The new mobile economy positively impacts football clubs, and PSG wanted to take advantage of this trend.

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The service

We created a new approach to fans' experience by innovating in delivering text, data, video and image content. PSG DCB service is a unique mobile site with official content from the club: full matches, highlights, statistics, series, digital experiences... etc. We developed fully integrated and experience-rich mobile services to offer fans what they want, when and where they want it. We launched PSG's mobile service in different countries to provide fans with an unforgettable experience. The platform is linked to the latest PSG news and offers, including interactive content for the club community.

The results

in 2 languages

Over 3.000

Full Coverage of
the main Competitions

Official full VOD
service of the club

Real-time data
of every match

Amazon Rekognition
Technology for content automation

Over 50 Legend
Matches Available