We are a sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports fans.

We leverage fans’ emotional connection with their passion because we understand the potential of these communities. Mobile sports fans are more than just spectators: they are loyal, emotional and highly interactive.

Our entertainment services built around the sports experience are an excellent opportunity for clubs, leagues and organizations to create new connections, increase fan communities and monetize this fantastic audience through mobile billing.


We believe fandom owns the power in the sports industry.


We imagine and develop memorable digital experiences for those sports fans.


We create and distribute the best sports entertainment and information services for mobile consumption.

We are experts in creating communities of subscribers who pay each month to enjoy mobile experiences related to sports.

Subscription-based businesses allow organizations to maintain a regular revenue stream. This model is perfect for the sports industry because the connection with the brand (club, athlete, competition) exists before accepting any paying subscription. Payment is a natural evolution of that user-business connection that generates deeper relationships with the fan community.

We have successfully developed services for different sports brands interested in monetizing their communities by turning them into profitable sources of recurring income.

Stay tuned!

Introducing Rouge, our new digital advertising agency

Introducing Rouge, our new digital advertising agency

  We are proud to present Rouge, our new AdTech performance agency. Rouge arises from the merger of technical innovation and advertising talent, it's the application of our own technology to the advertising industry... say hello to the AdTech concept. Taking...

We’re ready for the coming skills!

We’re ready for the coming skills!

Companies need new technologies and digital tools to evolve, and this digital revolution requires constant training. The Study Top 25 Digital Professions 2019 published by Inesdi Digital Business School reveals the growing need of digital profiles with technological...

Dpay, welcome!

Dpay, welcome!

We are happy to present our mobile payment solution for the digital press, the next big industry entering the amazing content monetization trend.

Telecoming among the top 100 tech companies in Spain

Telecoming among the top 100 tech companies in Spain

Each year Computing magazine releases the Leaders Ranking to recognize the main players among the technology industry in Spain. Telecoming participated for the first time in 2017 and since then, we are proud to rank among the 100 largest technology companies operating...

4 Useful insights to turn your Video Marketing Campaign into a Success!

4 Useful insights to turn your Video Marketing Campaign into a Success!

For advertisers, video marketing campaigns have become a cornerstone within their overall strategies and an effective way to increase brand visibility. If you are willing to make the best out of your video campaign do not lose sight of the following insights: Storytelling can help to create an emotional connection between our brand and the target audience. As a result, it generates engagement and interest, which will eventually lead to conversions.


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