Digital content is gaining more and more relevance, and ePublishing is one of the most exciting sectors. That’s why we have carried out a new study focused on ePublishing (newspapers, magazines and digital books) and its impact on the global market.

The value of digital editorial content will reach this year more than €10.2B and will be close to €14B in 2023 worldwide.

Why ePublishing comes up?

Music, video and gaming are industries that have already started in the world of paying for quality content and have proven to be very successful. Now… it’s ePublishing’s time!

The main driver of this trend is the continued migration of editorial content to digital formats and the significant growth of subscriptions. The user has more flexibility in content selection and payment methods than ever before.

Leading international media, like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or Financial Times, are already increasing their revenues thanks to this business model. All of them are relying on closing their paper editions and turning to digital platforms.

Spain: 14% of turnover in the European e-publishing sector

ePublishing is gaining more and more weight in the Spanish market; the main publishing groups are immersed in the implementation of payment for content. Besides, 81% of Spanish users use their smartphone to access current news.

This year, ePublishing market revenues in Spain will amount to 517M€, which represents 14% of the European turnover. It is expected that by 2023, the turnover of the digital publishing market in Spain will reach 746M€.

Mobile payment and the digital press

In this context of subscription-based services, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) becomes a great ally also for the ePublishing market.

Worldwide, the editorial content billed through the mobile bill will increase from €1.5B in 2019 to €5.8B in 2024. In Europe, this model will reach €580M in turnover this year and €2 B in 2024. In Spain, turnover is expected to increase from €52M in 2019 to €181M in 2024, which will mean a notable increase in five years.

According to Roberto Monge, our Chief Operations Officer, “Last April, we launched Dpay, a solution developed specifically for monetizing digital press content (either by article or by subscription), charged to the user’s mobile phone bill. The technology allows digital media to overcome the barriers of other payment methods less adapted to an impulsive and mobile purchasing process. The simplification of the payment process and technology can multiply conversion ratios; now media have to take the big step”.

Newspapers are already read from a device, and the user is willing to pay for quality content.  At Telecoming we are happy to contribute to this emerging industry!

*Based on data provided by Juniper Research