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Mar 24, 2022

New technologies are running so fast that they jump up the law rules at some point. The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation, and companies that never thought about their brands and services digitalization are now looking for this opportunity.

“67% of the Spanish SMEs consider a high priority the digitalization process in their day-to-day”, according to the latest Observatorio Vodafone de la Empresa.

In this scenario, we have realized that we can’t implement that technological integration if we do not count on the human capital with the expertise for optimizing the work that technology brings to the enterprise.

Companies must focus on corporate strategies that boost the digital world transformation; they must search for innovative tools and solutions to reinforce digital business growth.

One of the milestones for any digital company is regulation. Legal teams need to have the advanced know-how of the applicable rules before starting the commercial activity, signing any contract or launching a product at the market. All these actions required a check validation from the legal side. 

In that sense, it is necessary to count on strategic partners who allow companies to update and create a community to be the first to have all the legal information on hand.

Telecoming is part of Adigital, the Digital Spanish Economy Association, whose mission is to boost the Spanish economy’s digitalization. 

Adigital is forming for 500 companies network from different sectors. It’s a corporate association boosting the development of the digital economy through the representation and the defence of the interest of new associates (Policy), disclosure, investigation and creation of synergies (Labs), and the generation of trust in the digital environment (Trust).

Since January 2021, Adigital has celebrated a few Legal Tracks where our legal managers have been able to attend and be aware of all trends.

The latest legal track webinar conducted by Adigital, a group of legal experts, worked deep-hard about the Consumers New Guarantees (came into effect on January 1st). That law is based on the current law focused on the future of technologies and their solutions and privacy technology to digital advertising. 

During the legal track, they discussed the extension of the guarantee regime attributed to digital consumers and after-sales services, a regulation that technology companies must consider when providing digital services, advertising and promoting brands.


Alejandra Guerrero, Legal Manager at Telecoming: “Legislators must face the great challenge of developing laws in line with the digital transformation that supports companies in their development and at the same time protect consumers. However, sometimes these laws come late when commercial practices are already consolidated, and from the legal departments, we have to make an effort to apply these new regulations following the demands of the business.

Associations such as Adigital allow us not to lose detail of all these regulatory changes and give us the guarantees to find a space for consultation, collaborate and enrich our practices.”


César Tello, General Director at Adigital: “Incorporating technology companies such as Telecoming to our community of associates represents a consolidation of the type of association we are and want to be. Our mission focuses on bringing together corporations at the forefront of new technologies to drive our business ecosystem to go digital.”


Our effort to work hand in hand with the regulators has consolidated us as a relevant player in the market. Organizations such as Juniper Research have internationally recognized our work and our contribution to the entire payment market.

Their latest DCB report stated: “Telecoming has done much to advocate for and drive the use of carrier billing – for example, through its work with Spain’s national bank and economic ministry to shape how European regulations were turned into national law. In turn, it creates a more favourable environment for carrier billing to expand. The company has actively worked to leverage new opportunities. Examples include its partnerships with several major European Football clubs and its Dpay payment system for digital media is new.”

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