Telecoming comes to Egypt to promote digital entertainment

Jul 9, 2020

Telecoming lands in Egypt to promote digital entertainment. In the first stage, Telecoming will distribute Real Madrid digital content trough mobile operators in the region. Local mobile operators rely on our company to increase their user engagement.

Africa plays a relevant role in Telecoming’s international expansion

The arrival into the Egyptian market means a further step in Telecoming’s strategy to enhance its presence in Africa. With a penetration rate of mobile devices around 94% and more than 100M users, Egypt is one of the most attractive markets for digital services development. In the coming months, Telecoming will invest 1M€ in the region.

According to Ali Karaosman, our Operations Director – Africa “the combination of quality content and technology is key to offer services with a differential user experience based on high engagement rates. Through previous projects, we have checked the extraordinary dynamism of the African digital market, where users demand innovative services and a differential user experience. And there, Egypt shows a huge potential for the mobile business”, says Karaosman.

Telecoming monetizes digital content in the region since 2015 in partnership with the leading mobile operators and the best local content producers and distributors. Specialized in mobile payments since 2008, our company provides state of the art technology to monetize digital services through Direct Carrier Billing. We work with leading mobile operators to offer amazing entertainment services to boost their user’s engagement.

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