Super Bowl LVIII: a showcase of creativity and engagement

Feb 5, 2024

Written by Víctor Manuel Herrera

Web Design Manager at Telecoming

The Super Bowl is not just one of the most anticipated sports events each year; it is a monumental occasion for the marketing and advertising ecosystem, drawing millions of eyes from around the globe. The Super Bowl LVIII, set against the electrifying backdrop of Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, promises a spectacle of athleticism, with a new Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers showdown, but also an entertainment and advertising ingenuity.

Where and when is it possible to watch the vibrant Super Bowl this Sunday? The showdown, followed by millions of viewers around the world, will kick off at 18:30 ET, midnight in Europe (00:30 CET), and you can watch it on CBS, in Spain on Movistar +. With Usher headlining the Apple Music Halftime Show, the stage is set for a fusion of musical brilliance and sporting excellence, underscoring the event’s unique ability to blend different cultural dimensions.

Experiencing creativity: brilliant marketing minds

Marketing strategies for Super Bowl 2024 leverage the event’s massive viewership, with brands vying for attention through innovative ads that span humour, patriotism and heartfelt narratives. According to insights gathered from an Ad Age-Harris Poll, most viewers prefer more emotional and humorous advertisements, with a notable preference for commercials featuring animals, athletes and celebrities. This year’s lineup includes heavy hitters like, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Uber Eats, or Kia, each aiming to make a memorable impact through their creative campaigns.

This year, the cost of a 30-second ad slot hovering between $6.5 and $7 million reflects the premium value of this advertising stage, highlighting the high stakes for brands aiming to capitalize on this opportunity. Despite the hefty price tag, the diversity and creativity of the ads set to air reflect the evolving landscape of Super Bowl advertising, which continues to push the boundaries of marketing excellence.

The stadium, and the city of Las Vegas itself, in a constant vortex of visual and commercial impact, is the venue for this Super Bowl LVIII

In the galaxy of the Super Bowl LVIII commercials is Budweiser’s latest masterpiece, the one that shines with a remarkable comeback: the return of the iconic Clydesdales to the Super Bowl advertising arena. This ad, steeped in nostalgia and unity yet fresh in execution, captured hearts and underscored Budweiser’s long-standing tradition of storytelling excellence. The majestic horses, symbolic of strength and hope, are the best example of how to work engagement with the public over the years, blending the past and present of Super Bowl ads and reinforcing the brand’s legacy in a modern context.

Watch Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdales Super Bowl 2024 ad on YouTube

Although the biggest sporting event of the year is still a week away, not only for the United States but for the world, we already know most of the commercials, which are already becoming little movies that aim to make an impact weeks before they air. Through a compilation of the most potent ads we already know, we glimpse the large and rich Super Bowl ad story, showing the creativity, humour, and emotional depth for which Super Bowl ads are known. Creating moments of connection, laughter and reflection and adding a rich cultural context to the show are the goals behind each spot.

A recap of the most impactful Super Bowl LVIII commercials

Fan engagement: a cultural milestone

At Super Bowl LVIII, fan engagement reached new heights, leveraging innovative strategies transcending traditional viewing experiences. From immersive virtual reality experiences that placed fans in the heart of the action to interactive social media campaigns, the NFL and its partners have created a multifaceted engagement ecosystem. The introduction of real-time polling, Augmented Reality (AR) filters, here is the Snickers case, and exclusive online content ensured that fans not only watched the game but became a part of it. These initiatives exemplified how technology and creativity could enhance the fan experience, making Super Bowl LVIII a game to watch and an event to participate in actively.

As we gear up for the event, the blend of strategic marketing, fan engagement and creative advertising underscores its standing as a beacon of cultural and commercial significance. From the anticipation surrounding the halftime show to the buzz generated by its commercials, the Super Bowl remains a pivotal moment for brands to showcase their innovative spirit and connect with a global audience, setting the tone for marketing trends and strategies in the year ahead.


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