Our tribute to Design

Apr 27, 2023


On April 27th we celebrate International Design Day. This date was established in 1995 by the International Council of Design (ICoD), a non-profit organization that aims to promote advanced design worldwide. The goal of ICoD is simple: to provide an opportunity for designers around the world to come together and celebrate their work, share ideas, and learn from one another. It covers all kinds of areas of design and this year’s theme is “Peace. Love. Design!”

What do we understand by ‘design’?

It is a process that transforms ideas into reality. It is not just about aesthetics, but also about function and usability.


“When we talk about design, we must not only think about the creative or artistic sphere where ideas are conceptualized. The ingenuity part also comes into play, where ideas are developed. Design is also about looking for the right proposal to solve a problem. Designers usually take care of looking for the most appropriate option to address that issue.”

Javier Peñarrubia – Creative Designer at Telecoming


There are many types of design: industrial, graphic and interior, among others. Design can be applied in all areas of life, from the most mundane objects like toothbrushes or clothes hangers to more complex things like cars or aeroplanes. One of the most iconic examples of our times is the iPhone, whose design and features were groundbreaking and put the cell phone industry upside down. This product has had a significant impact on our society in ways of taking pictures, orienting ourselves and connecting with other people.



“If we find a good design we will always get good results.
On the other hand, a bad design can cause us frustration, discomfort… As Steve Jobs said: Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Desirée Martín – Creative Designer at Telecoming

Design is everywhere.

It is in the products we use and the spaces we live in, but it can also be seen in our culture, politics and even our relationships with others. Designers have an important role in shaping these aspects of everyday life. They are responsible for ensuring that everything from cars to clothes is functional, attractive and easy to use, and they have been doing this since ancient times!

For example, the brand Airbnb, a digital platform that offers accommodation to individuals and tourists, has developed a brand ecosystem with a well-thought user experience and design. It required  a leap from being a simple booking app to creating a complete brand ecosystem that would allow users to fully immerse themselves in the world of travel. 


“A UX/UI designer develops the experience of a digital product with their team in a process that combines technology with visual creativity. Its essence is to create a functional and accessible prototype that contributes to the business and users’ quality of life.”

Vanessa Toledo – UX/UI Designer at Telecoming

The future of design

Design is a powerful tool for innovation. It can be used to solve problems, create new experiences and improve the world around us. As technology continues to evolve and grow in capabilities, it is only natural that designers will find ways to incorporate emerging technologies into their workflows. Designers are constantly looking for new ways to use these technologies to create better products, services and experiences for their clients. 


“Today, where technological advances are going so fast, our work as designers is more focused on knowing our target audience and empathizing with them to propose the most human designs.”

Marcos Morales – Creative Designer at Telecoming

It has been said that good design makes life better for everyone by making things easier to use and understand; it helps us live healthier lives by creating safer products; it improves our environment by reducing wastefulness; it makes us happier by bringing pleasure into our lives through beautiful objects or experiences.

Ultimately, design makes our day to day shine brighter – Happy International Design Day!


Stay tuned!


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