Digital Detox: The Power of Analog Hobbies in a Tech-Driven World

Apr 4, 2024

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In a world increasingly dominated by screens and digital technology, it’s easy to forget the importance of unplugging and engaging in activities that don’t require an internet connection or even electricity. At Telecoming, we boast a team of digital professionals, individuals whose careers and work life primarily unfold in the online realm. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to find a balance in this fast-paced world. This is where the relevance of integrating analog hobbies into their routines comes in, a practice that not only serves as an escape valve from the daily grind but also fosters creativity, enhances mental and physical health, and enriches talent. 

In the digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with notifications, emails, and the pressure to be always on. This hyperconnectivity can lead to digital fatigue, affecting our ability to concentrate, relax, and ultimately be productive. Analog hobbies, ranging from gardening and reading physical books to painting and hiking, offer a unique opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings. 

Engaging in analog activities can have a significant impact on innovation and creativity. By stepping away from screens and dedicating time to tasks that require a different focus and way of thinking, digital professionals find new perspectives and solutions to previously insurmountable problems. Creativity thrives on a diversity of experiences, and analog hobbies provide the necessary change of pace that can inspire fresh and original ideas. 

The benefits of analog hobbies on health are well-documented. Activities like handwriting, drawing, or even building scale models can function as forms of active meditation. The act of creating something with our hands or immersing ourselves in a pleasurable activity increases levels of dopamine and serotonin, improving our mood and overall well-being. 

Beyond emotional benefits, many analog hobbies also contribute to physical well-being. Activities like gardening, hiking, or yoga not only provide physical exercise but also promote a more active and healthier lifestyle. Even less physically demanding hobbies, like analog photography, encourage individuals to get out and explore their environment, offering a dose of fresh air and light exercise. 

Diving into analog hobbies can be an excellent way to learn new skills and expand our knowledge in areas outside our professional specialization. For example, learning to play a musical instrument improves our auditory and coordination skills while introducing basic concepts of sound physics and music. Similarly, cooking or woodworking teaches principles of chemistry, mathematics, and physics, respectively, applied in a practical manner. 

Our colleagues from various teams know this well and share their analog hobbies in this post. Take a look!


“Board games with friends are my ultimate digital detox. They’re not just fun; they’re a mental workout, a way to develop skills while deeply connecting in the real world. Amidst strategy and laughter, we forget our screens, focusing instead on teamwork, critical thinking, and the pure joy of face-to-face competition.”

Javier de Corral, Country Manager – South Africa at Telecoming



“Sewing takes me away from screens and puts me in touch with the physical world. Using tools, touching fabrics… Working in a workshop is very stimulating, and at the same time, it relaxes me. Designing clothes helps me see things from a different perspective, be more patient with myself, and give myself space to make mistakes to learn.”

Natalia Monzón, Creative Designer at Telecoming



“Yoga is my ideal analog hobby. It pulls me away from screens and into a realm of mindfulness, with just me, my mat, and my breath. No notifications, no distractions—only a deep connection to the present moment. This practice offers a unique blend of mental clarity and physical renewal.”

Hande Babal, Operations Manager at Telecoming



“I love puzzles. I’m not sure if they stress me out or de-stress me, but they’re an incredible exercise for sharpening cognitive focus. Hours can pass without you even noticing… it’s so relaxing!”

Patricia Peiró, Chief Strategy Officer at Telecoming



“Getting into contact sports like Jiu-Jitsu or boxing is my way of hitting the off switch on the digital world. It’s all about RECONNECTING YOUR BODY and focusing in the moment, not on a screen. Plus, it’s a solid workout and a great stress reliever.”

Nicolas Gimenez, Global Partnership Director at Telecoming



“Painting is where I lose myself, learning to dwell in the present moment. It has taught me to observe things differently, enhancing my work as a graphic designer. Through each brushstroke, I’ve honed my ability to see beyond the surface, providing invaluable insights for my design work.”

Sandra Rosado, Comms Designer Lead at Telecoming


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