4 Expert Tips for Creating High-Converting Video Marketing Campaigns

Jul 9, 2020

Video marketing is a powerful tool. Today, 95% of all marketers are using it and plan to continue doing so throughout 2020.

As the video marketing landscape evolves, your approach should, too. You need to position your brand above the competition. This means using tactics designed to elevate your video marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, we’ll share 10 tips to help you create highly effective video marketing campaigns. We’ll explore the finer details of creating strong hooks for your videos, how to refine your message to deliver greater value, and the importance of educational content.  

Know your audience

Understanding your audience is at the heart of truly effective marketing, whether you plan to create live events or fill your funnel. And today, more than ever before, as the world welcomes younger generations with the need for hyper-personalized buyer journeys, knowing exactly who you’re selling to is critical.

Getting a handle on your ideal customer has to extend beyond demographics. Sure, demographics still hold a special place in marketing, but to generate results, you need to understand your buyers.

By unpacking psychographics, you develop more in-depth insights into what motivates your buyers. You unpack their values, needs, challenges, and aspirations. When you understand these important elements, you’ll be on your way to creating powerful marketing campaigns with messaging to boot.

Map out your buyer’s journey

Experienced marketers over appreciate the value of a clearly defined buyer’s journey. But often, buyer’s needs change faster than marketing teams can keep up.

The result? A misaligned marketing strategy based on old information being used to sell products to a customer that’s evolved. It’s a recipe for disaster (and poor results).

Map out your buyer’s journey before you begin crafting your video marketing campaign. There’s a good chance that elements will carry over from the structure of written campaign content, but understand that video is a different medium altogether. For example, you can communicate far more in a 10-minute video than with a case study. Video offers more sensory stimulation and is more engaging.

As you map out your buyer’s journey, pay attention to what your audience needs to move to each stage. Also, make sure you know exactly how many participants are involved in the decision-making process. This will allow you to create inclusive video marketing campaigns that appeal to all/or as many participants and help you see better results.

Focus on before and after states

Creating compelling ideas for videos can be challenging. While marketers understand the problems their customers face, often there’s a disconnect between translating those pain points into a persuasive message with a powerful pay-off.

To help ease the creative burden, consider trying out Digital Marketer’s Before and After Grid. Before and after states help marketers zero-in on the factors that influence buyers, leveraging them for the best possible results.

Before and after states also helps align your message with your audience. You’ll find it easier to capture their attention, communicate the value that resonates with them, and present the next step in the buyer’s journey.

Use strong hooks

People don’t concentrate like they used to, especially when it comes to online content. It takes all of five to ten seconds for viewers to decide to watch or abandon your videos. To give your videos the best chance at success, take the time to develop effective hooks for each.

A hook is designed to achieve two specific goals. First, it serves as reassurance to viewers that they are going to receive the value your video title advertised. Second, your hook draws viewers in. By communicating value right off the bat, viewers immediately see the benefit of watching what comes next.

In this example, Nick Nimmin opens the video with a clear value proposition. He is going to teach users how to do exactly what the title of the video says: how to structure and organize videos for success.

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