At Telecoming we rely on a professional result-oriented marketing team. Our customer campaigns are effective, accurately targeted and guarantee the best user experience.
We are 100% performance focused and we control the whole mobile advertising value chain.
Our excellence in advertising performance, know-how and effectiveness in Display places us as a reference and as Google’s Success Story.

Search Engine Specialists

Our deep search engine knowledge makes us the most successful partner. We work with some of the leading market actors, including Google, Bing or Yahoo:

Our excellence advertising performance, know-how and effectiveness in Display places us as a reference and as Google’s Success Story.

Telecoming is a proudGoogle Premier Partner

Experienced SocialMedia Advertisers

Telecoming’s advertising team maximizes user interactions through the most efficient in-house methodology.

Our advertising professionals successfully deliver social media campaigns, embracing the benefits derived from high mobile click-through rates.

Campaign customization is the basis of our advertising performance social media strategy.

At Telecoming we archieve excellent conversion rates and we have access to extremely useful market data from each individual platform. We place creativity at the heart of our strategy. This way we track the right user through the most accurate in-house targeting tools.


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In-house ProgrammaticVeterans

Our in-house programmatic technology is 100% designed for mobile performance models. Thanks to a powerful DSP our professional traders manage extremely high bid volumes and at the same time have full control over the value chain excellence. As a result, Telecoming maximizes its advertising campaign’s reach and impact.


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Programmatic enables Telecoming's specialists to achieve the best results. Real time tracking empowers our trend identification capabilities and subsequently allows strategy realigning. We achieve fast optimizations and reach the most efficient placements at once.

In-app AdvertisingCampaign Promoters

Telecoming’s advertising professionals provide seamless and effective solutions to a premium audience through apps. We offer highly visible placements to high quality content users and maximize engagement.