User Experience improvement is a central issue within the mobile industry. As users determine which formats and devices suit them best, publishers must adapt to these new demands. So how shall we guarantee the best user experience?

Our Head of UX, David Murillo outlines the key elements for ensuring the best Mobile User Experience:

Take Mobile First – User Experience is born mobile. Market consensus points out that the future is mobile and we therefore must take this essential premise when designing the User Experience. Maybe in a couple of years this promising device joins the obsolescence club. Who knows? But for the meantime, let´s do Mobile First.

Not Mobile Only – Even if mobile must be the first device to consider, other potential platforms should also be evaluated in order to promote an integral approach. Notice that the same user may access the same content through a variety of devices.

User Habits are a Top Priority – Knowing the user´s content consumption habits is essential in order to prioritize his needs. The User Experience journey starts with the user detection, followed by its behavioral analysis. The process reaches an endpoint with the service delivery to the customer and sometimes, with a final user feedback phase.

UX is not Usability – Usability is one of the key principles of UX. However, UX should be understood as a global process, which compromises the entire experience. This includes every interaction opportunity with a particular element within the service.

UX Improvement is an Ongoing Process – We develop user centric experiences. In order to provide useful improvements, an ongoing testing process must be implemented to guarantee that the service update is aligned with the new user´s demands.

Information Architecture is a key element in UX. The way in which information is framed and structured is decisive. Information architecture is aimed at guaranteeing a successful user experience.

The merger between Product and User Experience teams enables to achieve the best user experience. In order to monitor the experience, this union is necessary and requires product design profiles with user experience knowledge and vice versa.

At Telecoming we are essentially user centric and our mission consists in both fulfilling and exceeding user expectations. In order to do so, we must understand their perceptions and conceptual structures.

We can state to be aligned with our user´s minds.

What about you?