We are glad to share with you our Innovation & Design Director’s insights concerning the role played by User Experience & Design as an essential piece of Telecoming’s strategic puzzle.

Uxer radio podcast initiative is an excellent reflection hub, where sector trends are discussed. It’s also the perfect placement for User Experience fans, professionals, future experts and anyone interested in understanding current company strategies.

David Murillo, with over 20 years of experience in the digital content’s industry, analyzes how design sets the focus on the relevance of creating multi-device experiences. His know-how goes back to web design and during the last year he has created a multidisciplinary team, precisely focused on UX Design.

Among the numerous inspiring ideas addressed by David Murillo, the following is extremely insightful “Motivation and sharing know-how is behind a team’s success. In this sense, pedagogy concerning UX teams is essential among organizations. UX is aimed at problem solving and it’s an alternative source of solutions”.

Moreover, Murillo highlights the profound change in Design’s role within any company “Before, design used to be incorporated to the latest decision-making phases. On the contrary, now, it’s unthinkable for UX design to be on any further stage from the initial one, precisely at the point in which an issue is identified and shall be tackled”.

We suggest that you listen to the complete podcast. It’s revealing, it’s enriching and explains the reality behind the deep business transformation, driven by Design.

Also available, exclusively, for mobile users.