Telecoming financial results 2017


We are happy to present our consolidated financial results for 2017. It has been a remarkable year in which our company has portrayed our ability to keep a sustained growth rate. More precisely, Telecoming has consolidated its leadership in Spain and our turnover has grown from €51.3€ in 2016 to €68.2M in 2017 (+30%).

The firm has managed to close 2017 with a 65% increase in its Ebitda, reaching €20.2M. Telecoming’s net result after tax grew by 70% vs 2016 and reached €14,5M. In 2017 the company has undertaken an expansion strategy and a strong investment in new content licenses.

Christophe Cassand, Advisory Board member, explained that “these figures are the outcome of the remarkable behavior of our key business areas: digital entertainment, mobile payments (mobile billing), and mobile advertising. In 2017 we have strengthened our international business and we are ready to reach new markets in the coming months. In addition, with the PSD2’s entry into force this year, we will address new innovative projects, based on new appliances of carrier billing technology in transports and ticketing within the European markets in which we currently operate.

On a separate issue, our bet for youth employment has enabled Telecoming to increase its team by 12%. By the end of 2017 the firm’s employee base was made up of 108 professionals (40% exclusively focused on R&D).

Mobile payments innovations for 2018

In 2018 Telecoming will deploy new mobile payment projects as a result of the entry into force of the PSD2. The new normative context will enable the launch of new projects focused on transport and ticketing services, billed via carriers. In this sense “We are already in conversations with other companies which are interested in offering carrier billing solutions for their businesses“. Carrier billing is a consolidated billing model within the digital content industry and in 2018 is expected to reach €26.000M.

High investments in licenses in 2018

In 2018 Telecoming is expected to carry on investing in the acquisition of digital entertainment licenses, after the signature of several global collaboration agreements for 2018, with popular content producers, including AFP (Agence France Presse), SportRadar, BBC or Media Kids (Motion Pictures). Our company will analyze new global agreements with news services in order to monetize their editorial content in different countries.