When we started our activity in South Africa we joined WASPA (Wireless Application Service Providers´Association) as an active member of the community because we support its contribution towards good practices and mobile market sustainability.

Last week our Operations Team attended WASPA´s General Meeting in Johannesbourg, as part of the Association´s Affiliate Members.
One of the central issues of the General Meeting was the election of the new Management Committee´s members. They will eventually lead the association´s activity in order to promote the best practices in the coming months.

WASPA entails an industry body with a recognized Code of Conduct which has been made compulsory for all Wireless Application Services in South Africa. We strongly support market actors providing mechanisms aimed to ensure transparent market operations. In this sense, we have an active involvement with WASPA and we believe that it´s key to guarantee the best practices.

Ángela Rodríguez, our Operations Manager for South Africa explained: “WASPA plays a vital role within the South African market, which has experienced a remarkable growth over the past years. We need to lay the best foundations in order to promote a sustainable growth in the future and to take advantage of the country´s potential”.

WASPA was born in 2004 in Sandown, Gauteng with the support of the main South African Market Operators, including: Cell C, MTN and Vodacom. The Association plays an essential role in the regulatory framework concerning applications´ sourcing and mobile services in the Country.

We are fully committed with WASPA´s role in South Africa and we truly believe that these associations are vital for the market!