Telecoming prospects 2018


At Telecoming, we have started 2018 with a lot of energy and high expectations on our company! Some of our teams have gathered their prospects and wishes for 2018 and we are really excited to share their passion and ambitions with you.

Do not miss out on our professionals’ company vision for 2018!

According to Daniel Cortés (Operations Team): “We are certain that the European market presents amazing opportunities due to its technological maturity and connections. The big sector players want to carry on innovating through activities which will enable us to mirror last years’ success.”

Performance, transparency and results will drive our activity on 2018.  Advertising industry lives an interesting time of change where brands and users must speak the same language: utility. Let’s draft a same code for all“, explains Verónica Hernández (Advertising Team).

David Barrero, (Finance Team) states that “Fair play and responsibility are the levers to operate in 2018. Finance will go along the business areas to continue succeeding in all countries”.

The time has come to support the most innovative designs. We are going to amaze our partners with high visual impact images! There is a lot of competition…and we will stand out!” remarks Vinzenzo Petti (Innovation&Design Team).

Lidia Cuerva (HR Team), highlights that “in 2018 we are further fostering career development! This investment will strengthen our talents’ skills and knowledge, making us shine in an extremely demanding market while remaining at the forefront of the best employers!”.

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