Next week we will take part in MIPCOM (at Cannes), one of the most relevant entertainment content meeting points. At Telecoming we have the most comprehensive premium content portfolio and we are looking forward to meeting potential content partners.

This very decisive industry gathering is strategic for our company. Our Content team has framed it’s strategy on the basis of quality contents and user experience excellence. We are looking for the hottest content and expecting to close new partnerships with top industry players.

Our participation at the MIPCOM is also a great opportunity to further understand the mobile content’s course. This is crucial, in order to be ahead of the users’ future requests.

MIPCOM is also the ideal scenario in which to examine the latest sector trends, such as the rise in video consumption and the supremacy of user generated content.

We have always worked with the leading content producers, since only with the most innovative services we can manage to provide the most cutting-edge experiences.

If you are willing to book a meeting with us, do not hesitate to reach us at: Our Content Team will be happy to assist you.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there. 😉