GESTE & Telecoming


GESTE is the most relevant French content and online services cluster, based in Paris. The Association is an exchange platform, which enables member editors to share experiences and to address several issues lying at the very heart of the editor´s activity. These include: personal information, net neutrality, transparency, taxation, monetization, audience acquisition…

We operate in France since 2014 and we therefore have a close collaboration with GESTE. As we are deeply interested in their vision and insights on the mobile market, we asked GESTE to share with us the 3 main identified challenges for the mobile industry. And here you have them.

Content consumption has reached a turning point.

The editorial market in France has been profoundly shaken by the progressive use of smartphones, content consumption wise. More precisely, Mme Laure de Lataillade, GESTE’s General Manager, explained us that “every day, 24.3 million users access a variety of contents through their smartphones. In this sense, this device leads the content consumption market and is followed by 23.8 million computer users and 12.5 million tablet users”.

Carrier Billing will consolidate mobile entertainment.

Given the current context of mobile penetration, GESTE has understood that new user´s content habits require new payment mechanisms. For this reason, the Association has proposed its members to work in carrier billing solutions, since they enable to speed up the monetization of online contents´ transactions securely. “This way we adapt to the user´s new habits, improving his/her consumption experience” states Madame de Lataillade.

GESTE and AFMM, the French Mobile Multimedia Association, work together to make this topic progress. AFMM was born with the aim of harmonizing regulatory frameworks and handling all consumer protection actions. It is dedicated to promote and develop online payment mobile solutions.

Mediation will help to consolidate user – provider long term relations.

All EU member states’ professionals, especially content editors and online services editors are bound to establish mediation. “From GESTE we are actively guiding our members towards the implementation of a new customer right to mediation”. Madame de Lataillade points out that “This right applies to all National or cross-border consumer litigation processes which are a consequence of contractual obligations derived from goods sales contracts or services which have concluded among an EU based professional and a EU based consumer”.

We are committed to GESTE´S initiatives, which pursue to protect the content and online market players. Together we will create a fairer and safer mobile business ecosystem.