Edutainment is not a new learning approach. In fact, it has been here for decades. It literally entails education fostered through entertainment. Educational systems across the world have worked to introduce more enjoyable ways for students to learn.

What is new about this methodology is precisely how technology has taken it to a new level. Edutainment may be a format enjoyed by all age groups. However, it’s usually more connected with children’s’ learning.

Digital edutainment is a growing phenomenon. As a matter of fact, both children and adults are more and more exposed to educational and entertainment-based digital contents. These are essentially formed by games and videos since they are the most suitable channels with which to foster skill’s development, vocabulary, languages and all sorts abilities.

Video: an extremely useful edutainment format

Video formats are among the most popular ones for both education and entertainment purposes. Audiovisual stimuli contribute to enhancing the memory. Moreover, in a survey conducted by GP Strategies, 81% of the respondents placed videos among the most useful learning technologies.

In addition, it’s worth noting that children’s on-demand audiovisual contents are achieving a greater presence in Europe. Last year they represented 10% out of the EU’s 28 overall on-demand genres.

In this regard and according to Telefónica, 54% of internet users in Spain watched educational videos.

Games foster skill’s development

For a long time, games have become a recurring tool with which to transfer knowledge in a practical way. They are actually the most successful ones in achieving kid’s engagement, and adult’s too.

From a more digital perspective, edutainment games have also reached remarkable positions within the App stores. As it happens, word and brain games had a 20% reach among Android mobile device user’ s worldwide, according to Shared2you’s Q2 2018 data.

At Telecoming we are certain that edutainment will carry on expanding its reach among users, finding in digital contents their closest ally to deliver the most amazing entertainment & learning experiences in the future. It ultimately represents another behavioural change driven by technology.