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Telecoming one to watch

Telecoming selected among Europe’s Ones to Watch List

We are extremely proud to have been included among the 2018 Ones to Watch List. Telecoming has been selected among 125 European companies due to our business excellence and our remarkable track record.

Cookies or no cookies… that is the Question

Internet privacy and user’s data protection have become core issues for the European Regulation in 2018. It’s called to empower the user in its ability to limit the use of navigation data by third parties, through a more strict consent. European law requires all websites targeting European...

Telecoming regulation carrier billing

Spain Supports Carrier Billing in its Domestic Regulation!

The first draft of the Law, which will transpose the Revised Payment Service Directive into the Spanish legislation has been released. The good news is that carrier billing has been considered among the exceptions to the Law.

Telecoming mobile data consumption

Mobile Data Consumption: a Bullish Market

The key Spanish carriers have revealed that the Spanish mobile data market is without doubt a bullish one. Given our social media and content expertise we are going to briefly focus on these key drivers of the mobile data explosion.

Telecoming - content is not free

Content is not Free & the User is Fully Aware

As witnesses of the cultural transformation behind content consumption, we shared our insights with El Economista, one of the most relevant economic media in Spain. Our COO, Roberto Monge explained why the user is now fully aware and willing to pay for contents, as opposed to the prior “All...

Telecoming- Google

Google’s Thoughts for 2017

We have checked out Google’s 12 year-end data wrap-up on industry, consumer and video marketing insights from 2017.

Best Wishes to all Mobile Dreamers!

It’s Christmas time and we want to share the best wishes with all of you! Thanks for being part of our community!Have a great 2018!

Informe Tecnocom 2017

Proud to take part in Indra-Tecnocom’s Payments Trends Report

We share Indra – Tecnocom’s latest edition of Payment Trends Report where Telecoming has collaborated as the only Carrier Billing player to portray the sector’s insights.

Foodies: more Digital than Ever

Cooking is trendier than ever in Europe. At Telecoming we are witnessing a true revolution among the European users, who are increasingly interested in accessing cooking and food-related contents.


Programmatic in TV takes off in Europe

At Telecoming, aside from content monetization we are also inhouse programmatic veterans. In coherence with our expertise we have launched a brief report on programmatic advertising, focused on TV and outdoor in several markets.