As Advertising Specialists we are committed with the promotion of good practices among the sector. To accomplish this goal, our Social Media Manager, Raquel Conde, recently shared her industry vision in one of the most relevant Spanish marketing media, Marketing Directo:

We must bear in mind that one of the biggest sector challenges is to reach the right audience with the right ad. When targeting campaigns, advertisers, brand managers and sales teams usually skip an essential aspect which is decisive for an ad to be effective. Above all, it must be useful. On the contrary, it will fail, regardless of its format, quality and purpose.

Campaigns that don’t appeal the user’s interests and which chase them from one device to another, are annoying and cause rejection among receivers. However, these negative responses have fostered new advertising models based on usefulness.

Taking this into account, social networks are one of the most relevant examples of advertising formats which understand and comply with usefulness. For instance, Facebook has been the first social network to have launched a beta version, known as Recent Ad Activity, an ad feature specifically designed for ad ratings.

Social media now, more than ever, empowers the user. They assess, reject and endorse those ads, which may or may not meet their interests. At the same time, this provides valuable insights to advertisers, in terms of achieving an accurate picture of who they are and how to reach them.

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