Today we have shared with the Spanish media our financial results for 2016 and we are proud to state our solid performance. We have registered a 51M€ turnover and we are delighted to announce that we have doubled our Net Profit, reaching 8.2M€ in 2016.

Additionally, we improved our profitability and our company achieved a 63% increase in its Gross Operating Profit (GOP), which surpassed 11M€.

According to our CEO, Christophe Cassand “2016 has been a significant year for the company, since we have surpassed the 50M€ threshold and we have received two relevant international acknowledgements. These milestones encourage us to look ahead with optimism. On 2017, we will keep our international expansion plans, as well as our commitment with programmatic advertising. Moreover, we will concentrate on new cutting-edge blockchain projects”.

In line with our CEO´s words, in 2017, we will carry on promoting our mobile advertising business, specially our programmatic activity and the development of our DSP, the first exclusively focused on performance mobile campaigns. We’ll also keep our commitment to innovation with the creation of a fund aimed to blockchain projects investments.

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