Technology for mobile advertising

Advertising is the firstpoint of contact of a user with a brand.

Our technological expertise has led us to create a performance advertising agency focused on AdTech that guarantees effective digital campaigns for services and brands.


Rouge AdTech Performance Agency comes from the fusion of technical innovation and advertising talent to drive brave brands looking for the most modern and effective advertising campaigns.

Innovation for performance advertising

Technology to communicate

The current advertising market is based on the combination of traffic sources, ad formats and business models. In this era of conversation, the way brands and users interact is changing. We are the first player to offer Rich Communications Services as a new advertising channel; an effective, simple and profitable way to interact with audiences.

Technology to REACH

We are developing a strong DMP for smart, predictive and effective real-time advertising. Our technology collects data at each touch point of the purchase process. First and third-party data combined to build one of the most powerful AdTech platforms.

Technology to INVEST

Connected to the main AdExchanges, our DSP has been designed by our trade experts to manage high bid volumes having full control over the value chain. Our in-house programmatic technology is 100% developed for mobile performance models, as a result, Telecoming maximizes its advertising campaigns’ reach and impact.

Technology to protect

We also have developed technology to keep brands’ reputation safe when they advertise online. We have full control of the value chain and we are committed to providing a safe environment for advertising. Telecoming deploys real-time protection tools to ensure fully secure processes.

EXPERTISE & transparency

Regardless of the channel, the company’s activity is 100% aligned with the most solid compliance practices across the overall advertising chain.


Our excellent advertising performance, know-how and effectiveness place us as a reference and a Google’s Success Story.


Recognized by the Mobile Marketing Association as one of the top tech companies with a significant impact on mobile advertising.


Registered vendor of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework developed by the Bureau in collaboration with the digital advertising industry.