56% of Spanish Android Gamers are Women

In continuity to last year’s analysis, we have updated our android gamer’s profile and consumption habits. Concerning our key findings, it’s worth highlighting that the Spanish android user profile is as follows: a women (in 56% of the cases), aged between 35 and 44 years old,...

Digital Advertising Investment will reach 2.071M€ in Spain

Our Advertising division has carried out an analysis of Spain’s digital advertising forecasts for 2018. We are glad to announce that since 2014, the digital advertising market will almost double its value. It has gone from a 1.065M€ in 2012 to 2.071M€ expected for the end of this year. For...

Educational Videos in Spain - Telecoming BBC

Encouraging the Upswing of Educational Videos in Spain

Telecoming reaches an agreement with BBC and British Council aimed at bolstering edutainment in mobile video formats in Spain. On the one hand, entails increasing the reach of the BBC and British Council’s content among a young and mobile audience. On the other hand, it entails a unique...

Telecoming Direct Carrier Billing report 2018

Access the second edition of our report on Direct Carrier Billing

We are happy to announce the launch of the second edition of our DCB report, under the name Evolution and Perspectives of Carrier Billing in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities.

Telecoming among Europe’s Top 100 Companies

Telecoming has been included among Europe’s Top 100 European companies by Red Herring due to the firm’s solid track record and technology-oriented business model. It’s an honour for us to make it in Red Herring’s Europe’s Top 100 Companies List!

Telecoming, among Inc. 5000’s List of Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies

We are extremely proud to be recognized by INC 5000 Europe ‘s prestigious ranking which includes Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Morningstar’s financial publication has acknowledged our outstanding increase in turnover, between 2014 and 2016 (76.9%).

Transformation is an Attitude

Transformation is in our DNA and we believe that our essence should remain. This decisive matter has deeply influenced the rebranding strategy, which we are thrilled to communicate today.

Telecoming financial results 2017

Telecoming’s Consolidated Financial Results for 2017

It has been a remarkable year in which our company has portrayed our ability to keep a sustained growth rate. More precisely, Telecoming has consolidated its leadership in Spain and the turnover has grown from €51.3€ in 2016 to €68.2M in 2017 (+30%).

Telecoming one to watch

Telecoming selected among Europe’s Ones to Watch List

We are extremely proud to have been included among the 2018 Ones to Watch List. Telecoming has been selected among 125 European companies due to our business excellence and our remarkable track record.

Telecoming regulation carrier billing

Spain Supports Carrier Billing in its Domestic Regulation!

The first draft of the Law, which will transpose the Revised Payment Service Directive into the Spanish legislation has been released. The good news is that carrier billing has been considered among the exceptions to the Law.